Destiny Guide – Ascendant Shard/Energy

How to get Ascendant Shard and Ascendant Energy? Daily Mission: 2 Materials guaranteed Weekly Heroic Strike or Nightfall Strike Public Events: You can get one material (Shard, Energy, or Mote of Light) after completing the first Golden Tier Public Event every day and (removed after Patch 1.1) have a chance to get them when you complete a public […]

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Destiny Guide – Farming Resources

OK, As I’m kind of addict to playing destiny – a console video game recently, I think I should write something to help new players not get lost in the giant galaxy. So let’s get started from Framing material.   Farming Guide Earth: Spinmetal Earth Map View post on Farming Video Guide Moon: Helium Filaments […]

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Infamous second son delson smoke power

Infamous: Second Son Review and Tips on Beating He Who Dwell Boss

in Infamous: second son, a PS4 Exclusive video game released this month, you play as Delson Rowe, a young guy who got super power (they are called “Bio-Terrorist” or “Conduit”) by accident, explore in Seattle, WA and fight against the villain, Brooke Augustine and her military army D.U.P (Department of Unified Protection). Since the next generation […]

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