[Bloodborne] 跑酷开迷宫 Charlie Dungeons SpeedRun to Depth 5

Speedrun order: Pthumeru > Central Pthumeru > Lower Pthumeru > Ailing Loran > Great Isz

This video is a no nonsense, very barebones walkthrough on how to get to Isz and to make a CRF dungeon with as little faffing around as possible. In this video I only pick up the ritual materials required for the next chalice and pull the levers. By the end of the video I have the materials to make any chalice and I have completed Pthumeru up to Lower, Ailing Loran and Great Isz.

All that is shown here is the routes to the relevant ritual materials and to the levers on every layer. There are no boss fights.


Speedrun order: Isz – CRF Isz – Lower Loran – Defiled – Ihyll

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